ENGL 4P45: James Joyce’s Ulysses

Instructor: Professor Tim Conley
Class times: Thurs 17:00-20:00
Office: GLA 125
Office hours: Thurs 14:30-16:30
E-mail: tconley@brocku.ca
Office phone: (905) 688-5550 ext. 5196

Course overview
First published in 1922, James Joyce’s novel Ulysses is heralded by many writers, readers, and institutions as the greatest novel of the twentieth century, while it also enjoys the perverse distinction of being one the most difficult and demanding books ever written. This course offers students the opportunity to read and discuss Ulysses closely as a group, using various theoretical perspectives and reading approaches. 

Required Texts
Don Gifford, Ulysses Annotated
James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses*

*Note: we will be using the Oxford edition of the 1922 Ulysses (ed. Jeri Johnson), and though students may certainly opt to use other editions of the novel, they should be aware that (1) as we will discuss in class, Ulysses has a complicated and often troubled history of editions and editorial differences, so there are very debatable degrees of quality between editions, and some (especially the “Reader’s Edition” edited by Danis Rose) should probably be avoided; and (2) students with an edition other than the Oxford may at times feel a little lost when the rest of the class identifies a certain page number or detail.

Recommended Texts
Students should make sure that they possess a decent dictionary (Joyce’s vocabulary can get a little overwhelming). The Oxford English Dictionary is especially recommended. Also, it would be useful to have a copy of Homer’s The Odyssey.

Marking scheme
Evaluation will be based upon performance on two essays (the first worth 20%, the second 40%), a seminar presentation (worth 20%), and seminar participation (worth 20%). Students who miss more than three classes (documented emergencies excepted) will not be permitted to pass the course. Students will receive at least 15% of the grade by October 29, and should note that the last day to drop a D2 course without penalty is November 5.

Late policy
A penalty of three percent (3%) for each day late, including weekends, will be incurred in all cases except certified emergencies. Papers more than tend days late will not be accepted. Requests for extensions sent by email will not be entertained. Please note that completion of all assignments is required to pass the course. Those students who have not collected their first essay from the instructor by the time the second essay is due forfeit the right to any commentary on the second essay.

Simply: don’t even think about it. Students are referred to Brock University’s official policy on plagiarism (see Undergraduate Calendar, Academic Regulations and University Policies, VII. Academic Misconduct), and they are further advised that the instructor has an especially low view of such behaviour. Decisions for penalties in such cases are made by the Associate Dean, but the instructor will recommend a minimum penalty of a grade of zero for the assignment.

Medical Emergencies
All students should familiarize themselves with Brock’s Medical Exemption policy and follow its procedures if necessary (see http://www.brocku.ca/healthservices/exemption.php).

Laptops and Other Electronic Media
The use of laptops in seminars is not permitted (exceptions will be made for students whose disabilities require the use of a laptop: such students should inform the instructor and/or seminar leader of this at the soonest opportunity). Cell phones, blackberries, and other social media should be shut off in class: use of such media in these settings is both disrespectful and demonstrative of poor attention to the course, and may be penalized in participation grades.

September 5: course introduction
September 12: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
September 19 “Telemachus” and “Nestor”
September 26 “Proteus” and “Calypso”
October 3 “Lotus-Eaters” and “Hades”
October 10 “Aeolus” and “Lestrygonians”
October 14-18 [Fall Break: no class]
October 24 “Scylla and Charybdis” and “Wandering Rocks”
October 31 “Sirens” and “Cyclops”
November 7 “Nausicaa” and “Oxen of the Sun”
November 14 “Circe”
November 21 “Eumaeus” and “Ithaca”
November 28 “Penelope” and course review

Due dates
October 10: Essay #1 due (to be handed in in class)
December 10: Essay #2 due (to be handed in during special office hours)

Further Reading
Other Works by Joyce:
Chamber Music (1907): poetry
Dubliners (1914): short stories
Exiles (1918): a play
Pomes Penyeach (1927): poetry
Finnegans Wake (1939): a “collideorscape”
Stephen Hero (1944): the abandoned first draft of A Portrait
(There are also three published volumes of Joyce’s letters.)

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Genetic Joyce Studies (online)
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